Free Grabber Site Unstable/Down Today

Hello everyone, Bluehost is suspending the site for 5-10 minutes at a time today due to too many connections allowed and CPU usage exceeds for this hosting account. Similar thing happened before in January when I moved the site to a dedicate server which I had trouble with many database errors. This caused no update on the site for approximately 3 weeks (some of you remember and I couldn't do anything about it). I was on and off hiring people to fix the problem but couldn't find someone who was reliable to get the job done. I knew this would happen soon or later so I need to move the site to another hosting company; prefer dedicated/shared hosting. If you know a good hosting company you would recommend and know anyone who is very knowledgeable at transferring website/mysql database, please let me know. I would like someone to guide me and make sure the site runs 100% without any problems. I’ll definitely pay for their consulting time so if you know anyone? Please send me an email: Thank you,

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