Hello PLEASE READ! Important Site News

Hi everyone, This is George, running freegrabber.com Thank you all for visiting my site. I'm very sorry the website was down for couple of days. Website was suspended from current hosting because it was using too much CPU for them to take. I've finally got them to unsuspended the website just now 12/22/06 @ 12pm central. This is what's going to happen in next couple of days. The website will be moved to a dedicated server, they are working on building it right now so transfer should take place over this weekend. So there will be no updates until everything is on the new server. The website is moving to very reliable place, suppose to be 100% uptime. I'm very sorry the sites been down, I had no control over it and hosting weren't cooperative. Please check back often, Thank you very much for visiting my site. I know there are many of you visit everyday :) Have a great holidays! George,

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