Free Breathable Contact Lenses O2OPTIXâ„¢

Free contact lenses Try free sample, contact lenses called O2OPTIX brought to you by Walmart.

Whiter, Healthy-Looking Eyes Your eyes need oxygen to stay healthy and comfortable. Without enough of it, you might experience corneal oxygen deficiency, with symptoms such as end-of-day discomfort, irritation, dryness, and redness. With its revolutionary silicone hydrogel technology, O2OPTIX allows five times more oxygen to reach the eye than the leading two-week soft lens, helping to keep eyes whiter, brighter and healthy-looking. It's the healthy choice for daily or occasional overnight wear*. *For up to six nights extended wear, as recommended by your eye care professional. As any of Walmart free samples, click on the link called "free sample" , fill out your info.

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