Free Ban Deodorant sample from Walmart

Free Deordorant

New Ban® Invisible Solid keeps you up to 3x fresher than before — and Ban Intensely Fresh Solids go on and stay on clear.

Choose From 5 Fresh Fragrances

  • NEW! PARADISE WINDSâ„¢: Colorful scents of floral and refreshing fruity citrus for all you trendsetters out there
  • SHOWER FRESH: Crisp, sensual and intensely fresh
  • SWEET SURRENDER®: A flirtatious medley of floral scents mixed in with a spirited blend of fruity undertones
  • SATIN BREEZE®: Uplifting and sexy hints of citrus and floral scents that make you feel as fresh as a summer breeze
  • POWDER FRESH: Yummy vanilla and rich floral notes combine to powder you in freshness

To order your free sample of Ban PARADISE WINDS, click on "Free Sample" in the More From Ban box on the upper right-hand corner of this page.

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