Clean & Clear Warming Daily Pore Scrub

CLEAN & CLEAR WARMING DAILY PORE SCRUB Free Clean & Clear Warming Daily Pore Scrub This is in Spainish, fill out your information best as you can, hope they send you a free sample. Nombre*: First Name Apellido*: Last Name Dirección de correo electrónico*: Email (must be put in) Reingrese la dirección electrónica*: Verify e-mail Dirección No. 1*: Address Ciudad*: City Estado*: State Código postal*: Zip Code Fecha de nacimiento*: D.O.B. Day/Month/Year Acepto estos términos: Make sure to check this box at the bottom of the form, It is just saying you agree with their terms. If you care what they are read on: 1) Takes 6-8 weeks 2) Only valid while supplies last. 3) One per family or household, Multiple entries will be denied. 4) No Group or Club Request Accepted. 5) Your right of offer cannot be transfered. 6) Only valid in the US. 7) Must be atleast 13 yrs old or older...... Worth trying, good luck!

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