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Free Grabber Halloween Contest! Part 2

Halloween October contest winners. Congrats again. Savergirl won twice! October 1st. Margie S. $25 Walmart Gift Card October 3rd. Jennie R. $25 Lush Gift Card October 4th tbizkit2011 $10 Amazon E-Code October 8th Sven $25 Target Gift Card October 8th deckerstacie $10 Petsmart Gift Card October 10th mvhsgymnast $25 Fred Meyers Gift Card October 15th j8men $25 Walmart Gift Card October 15th musiciantype $25 Amazon E-Code October 15th qwers $10 Target Gift Card October 17th forbetsy $25 Target Gift Card October 22nd littlewing78 ?? Did you get my email? October 22nd savergirl $25 T.J. Maxx Gift Card October 22nd dragonlady $25 Lancome Gift Card October 24th momof3boys04 $10 Walmart Gift Card October 24th djlovesme $25 Walmart Gift Card October 26th qwers $10 Target Gift Card October 29th TXYOG142 $25 DSW Shoes October 29th savergirl $25 T.J. Maxx Gift Card October 29th KaseyJ $25 Amazon E-Code Contest Rules: Last Friday, we had a Halloween Contest here: Vote for your favorite comment from that contest. Example: My favorite one is from Snevels. Prize: I'll tally up the votes and give $25 gift card to most voted winner. Second winner will be drawn randomly from this contest for $25 Gift card to any online retail store. 2 winners will be announced this Friday. Happy Halloween!

Free Grabber Halloween Contest! Winners!

Free Grabber Halloween Contest! Two Contests in one day... crazy huh. Halloween is less than a week away. Do you have a Halloween costume ready for yourself? Your children? If you are grown and not really into Halloween anymore, What was your favorite and least favorite Halloween costume you have worn while growing up? Multiple comments/entries allowed. Prize is $25 Gift Card. 2 winners will be drawn this Sunday evening. Winners are savergirl, picked TJ Maxx Gift Card and KaseyJ picked Gift Card.

Free Grabber Fridays Contest Winner !

Free Grabber Fridays Contest Free Grabber Fridays Contest! You know the drill... Thanks all for commenting. Winner is TXYOGI42 . Sent you an email.

Free Grabber Monday Contest! Winner!!

Free Grabber Fridays Monday Contest Winner is djlovesme. Picked $25 Walmart Gift Card.

Free Grabber Fridays Contest! Winners!!!

Free Grabber Fridays Contest Good Morning. Thanks for everyone that participated. Odds were pretty good (71 comments, 2 winners). Contest Winners are: savergirl picked T.J. Maxx Gift Card and dragonlady picked E-certificate.

Free Grabber Monday Contest… Winner forbetsy

Free Grabber Monday Contest Free Grabber Monday Contest... Thanks to everyone who shared about most frustrating and still waiting freebies. Winner is forbetsy. Sent you an email.

Free Grabber Fridays Contest! Halloween Candy! Winners!

Free Grabber Fridays Contest! Halloween Candy! 134 comments! NICE! I had to pick 2 winners since there were so many participating. Winners are: j8men and musiciantype. They picked $25 Walmart gift card and $25 Amazon e-code. Thank you... more contests coming... Want to help me come up with contests ideas???

Free Grabber Monday Contest! Open for Business! Winner is mvhsgymnast

openforbusiness.jpg Winner is mvhsgymnast: Ashley from WA. Sent you an email regarding your $25 Gift Card prize.

Free Grabber Fridays Contest – Winner: Sven

Happy Friday Free Grabber Contest Thanks everyone for participating! Winner is Sven $25 Target Card Sent to You! :) Do you have an idea for Free Grabber Contests?? Suggest your idea here If I use your idea I'll send you $10 Gift Card to any online retail store!